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Uruk Telecom Internet Services was established in 2017 to provide internet services in Iraq.
Uruk Telecom started its work as an internet service provider to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet services in Iraq.
Where the company operates an advanced local communication network that connects all the cities of Iraq, as it provides broadband communication lines that are safe and flexible in performance, through which it guarantees the high quality needed by its corporate clients and agents.
They can also take advantage of the latest technologies and use this technology to take advantage of its ability to engineer data traffic in the network

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Our Mission

Our Mission at Uruk Telecom

Providing broadband Internet service with fast, safe, reliable and affordable solutions through Optical Fiber.
And with the continuous development witnessed by the regional telecommunications sector
Uruk Telecom believes that this sector in Iraq will witness an increasing development in the fields of broadband Internet and information services, due to the increasing demand on the international and regional levels on the one hand.
The limited spread of these services in the local market from now on.

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